OT: Using Windows Flag Logo

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 04:27:11 EDT 2008

Many years ago I visited a shop in France that sold what the Americans
 call "Hard Liquor"; some of it was extremely hard insofar as it was fake.

What has always stayed with me (one wonders why) was a row of bottles of
 whisky labelled 'Johnnie Walker", except that the L had been replaced 
with an N, and the Johnnie Walker image had been subtly altered by 
repositioning the chap's walking stick . . . (not one of Richmond's 
funny stories, honest).

And what the "H" has this got to do with the Windows logo?

Well, when is a logo the Windows logo, and when is it something else?

I marketed a CD containing 63 Bulgarian Literary themes a couple of years 
ago (still selling it), for would-be High School kids to help them prepare 
for the exam in Bulgarian literature (as my father remarked "Only you 
could have chosen such a small niche market"). It contained a RR 
standalone for Windows. Now I had somehow to signal on the packet 
what its system requirements were; which were:

Pentium 3, min. 600 MHz, Windows 98 or higher.

As Windows is almost ubiquitous here in Bulgaria I labelled 
the product as follows:

PC, P3, 98+    i.e. No 'Microsoft', no 'Windows' and no 'Pentium'.

And, on my last visit to England I see that lots of software is 
labelled "PC", which, while being highly inaccurate, seems to mean 
that the software will run only on a Microsoft Windows OS.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson

A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.


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