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Larry Watts lgwatts at
Mon Oct 27 14:28:46 EDT 2008

Mark, I'm also going to give this a try.  Can't have too many good ways of 
doing something!

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> Larry,
> This has nothing to do with focus. You should change your approach.  The 
> following makes your script slower, yet much more responsive.
> Create a button with a mouseUp handler, which calls a main handler.
> on mouseUp
>   set the hilite of btn "Switch" to true
>   foo fld "Very Long List"
> end mouseUp
> Put the following in e.g. the card script. This handler calls itself.
> on foo theVeryLongList
>   if the hilite of btn "Switch" is true then
>     -- do something here with line 1 of theVeryLongList
>     -- and delete that line. You might use a completely
>     -- different approach here if you want.
>     delete line 1 of theVeryLongList
>     send "foo theVeryLongList" to me in 0 millisecs
>   end if
> end foo
> Add a checkbox named "Switch". This button doesn't need a script.
> If you click the first button, the switch will be turned on and the  foo 
> handler will run. When you click the checkbox, the foo handler  will stop 
> running.
> You can also make a switch without another button. Just make a  checkbox 
> with the following script.
> on mouseUp
>   if the hilite of me then foo fld "Very Long List"
> end mouseUp
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> On 27 okt 2008, at 00:37, Larry Watts wrote:
>> hi Mark,
>> What I'm really wondering how to do is this:
>> I have a button script running with a lot of repeat statements in  it. 
>> Depending upon the input, the script will run for 5 minutes to  an hour. 
>> I want the user to be able to interrupt the script by  clicking on 
>> another button on the card.  But as I understand it, Rev  cannot do that 
>> because the first button has the focus until the  entire script is 
>> finished running. Is there a way to work around  this limitation of Rev?
>> thanks, Larry
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