itunes alternating lines

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Mon Oct 27 11:11:51 EDT 2008

Well, it could be one of two things. EIther my eyes are getting that  
bad or this monitor's brightness is set too high. It is a 23 Cinema  

Here is a screenshot of my iTunes main library window:

When I select the picture of my screen on this page to move it then I  
can see the lines but not on my screen.

I guess I need to calibrate this monitor.........


Tom McGrath

On Oct 27, 2008, at 10:59 AM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Do you have a *very* old CRT screen? I can see the alternating  
> stripes in iTunes' main window (version 8).
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> On 27 okt 2008, at 15:51, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>> Jim,
>> The real problem is that I can't find anywhere in the latest iTunes  
>> release that even uses the alternating line color anymore. So the  
>> 'client' would actually be asking "Make the lines like the old  
>> iTunes"  :-)
>> Either way this was a good exercise.
>> Thanks,
>> Tom McGrath
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