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Wed Oct 15 04:11:40 EDT 2008

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your comments!

You wrote:

"If you're copying objects, you may find it both more secure and more 
convenient to maintain to have as few handlers as possible in those 
objects, which merely call handlers in a central library or your app's 
mainstack to do the real work,"

I did this as you suggests, but since 2 weeks I do it in a more extremistic way: I (almost) do NOT HAVE ANY script in such objects I want to copy from stack to tempstack and back. I use the event hierarchy for solving this. In the stackscript (or cardscript if appropriate), which gets any event from such objects with empty scripts, I have sth like:

on mouseDown
if the short name of the owner of the target = "content" then 
-- there is only one group "content"
grab me
select the target 
-- etc.
end if

This has the result that you can move around only the selected object within the group "content", copy the group "content" from the stack to the tempstack and back - without disturbing the other objects in the card. And it allows easily changing the handlers in later versions using the same group "content" edited by previous versions.

a) I embed the important (password protected and some not protected) stacks into the standalone 
b) as Chipp pointed out the standalone binary cannot be decompiled as easy as in 2.2.1
c) I can load my own encrypted stacks by decrypt stackbinary; go stack stackbinary
d) I even can use the passkey syntax for opening extern protected stacks from a .rev file by a routine in the standalone which knows the passkey for these external stacks 
I can live with the password mechanisms of runrev.

Regards, Franz

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