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-= JB =- wrote:

 > A few things like moving the fields were done in examples I have seen.
 > But if you want to do most of the other things it is done in my stack
 > that is named Dynamic Table Field.  It is in Rev online in the
 > programming section or you can look under the user name sundown.

Got it - thanks.

 > If you have seen it and still don't know how to do the things I
 > mentioned please ask me.  When you look at the code you will see I
 > even used a piece of code you gave me when I asked a question on
 > this list.

:)  Small world.

 > Let me know what feature you can't see readily and I will explain how
 > to do it and show you which part of the code does it.
 > As far as having each item be a different font and style it can
 > actually have each character in each item be a different font and
 > style and it can be done by using the paste option.

I think I had misunderstood the description in the earlier post.  For 

     Each cell can already be controlled separately plus have its
     own font style.

True, as with any Rev chunk.  I was hoping for the holy grail of 
independent column alignment.  I've used multiple fields for that in the 
past, but getting the selection working well and keep things in synch is 
just more work than it needs to be, and suffers from poor performance.


    The columns can already be resized but the rows still
    need to be able to be resized.

In script one can set a field's tabstops, but in the Dynamic Table Field 
is there a way to resize them interactively with the mouse?

This one sounds intriguing:

   Each cell can easily become as many separate  buttons as the
   programmers wants.

What does that mean?

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