AW: AW: difference between closing with the red cross or sendingclose?

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Tue Oct 14 10:53:05 CDT 2008

Ok, now I only have to build in the answer request, when  sending close this
stack. Thank you for your explanations

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> Hi Tiemo,
> 'closeStackRequest' and 'closeStack' are messages, not commands. This
> means
> you cannot send a 'closeStackRequest' any more than you can send a
> 'closeStack'. You can only 'close' a stack.
> A stack will always get a 'closeStack' message, but if the user clicks the
> red closebox the stack will also get a 'closeStackRequest' message first.
> This means that when the user clicks the red closeBox, a closeStackRequest
> message is sent followed by a closeStack message.
> Lastly, you have to 'pass closeStackRequest' to continue with the close.
> This is so you can optionally change your mind. This means you can stop a
> closeStackRequest, but you cannot stop a closeStack.
> To handle both a scripted close and a red-cross close, place your closing
> routine into a shared handler and trap wheter the routine has already been
> run (otherwise you will get it twice when the user clicks the red
> closebox)...
> on mouseUp
>   close this stack
> end mouseUp
> local isClosing
> on closeStackRequest
>   answer "Are you sure?" with "Yes" or "No"
>   if it <> "yes" then exit closeStackRequest
>   put "true" into isClosing
>   doMyCloseStackStuff
>   pass closeStackRequest
> end closeStackRequest
> on closeStack
>   if isClosing <> "true" then doMyCloseStackStuff
> end closeStack
> on doMyCloseStackStuff
>   [../..]
> end doMyCloseStackStuff
> I have scripted the above so you can see what happens. Personally, I would
> put the trap in the doMyCloseStuff handler thus...
> on doMyCloseStackStuff
>   if isClosing = "TRUE" then exit doMyCloseStuff
>   else put "TRUE" into isClosing
>   [../..]
> end doMyCloseStackStuff
> Hope this helps.
> /H
> Hello again,
> sometimes the basics are the hardest :) I want to be able to close my
> stack
> by the standard "red cross" AND also by one of my self made menu items
> "Close".
> Using "on closeStackRequest" traps the standard closing by the cross and
> after answering "yes" the stack closes. BUT sending "closeStackRequest"
> from
> my menu and answering "yes", nothing happens. But always when picking a
> second time the close menu and answering "yes" the stack closes.
> Using "close myStack" in my menu didn't worked as expected either (as
> posted
> before)
> So what is the straight forward way to close from the title bar and a self
> made menu with an answer trap?
> Thank you
> Tiemo
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