AW: difference between closing with the red cross or sending close?

Hugh Senior h at
Tue Oct 14 11:32:07 EDT 2008

Hi Tiemo,

'closeStackRequest' and 'closeStack' are messages, not commands. This means
you cannot send a 'closeStackRequest' any more than you can send a
'closeStack'. You can only 'close' a stack.

A stack will always get a 'closeStack' message, but if the user clicks the
red closebox the stack will also get a 'closeStackRequest' message first.
This means that when the user clicks the red closeBox, a closeStackRequest
message is sent followed by a closeStack message.

Lastly, you have to 'pass closeStackRequest' to continue with the close.
This is so you can optionally change your mind. This means you can stop a
closeStackRequest, but you cannot stop a closeStack.

To handle both a scripted close and a red-cross close, place your closing
routine into a shared handler and trap wheter the routine has already been
run (otherwise you will get it twice when the user clicks the red

on mouseUp
  close this stack
end mouseUp

local isClosing
on closeStackRequest
  answer "Are you sure?" with "Yes" or "No"
  if it <> "yes" then exit closeStackRequest
  put "true" into isClosing
  pass closeStackRequest
end closeStackRequest

on closeStack
  if isClosing <> "true" then doMyCloseStackStuff
end closeStack

on doMyCloseStackStuff
end doMyCloseStackStuff

I have scripted the above so you can see what happens. Personally, I would
put the trap in the doMyCloseStuff handler thus...

on doMyCloseStackStuff
  if isClosing = "TRUE" then exit doMyCloseStuff
  else put "TRUE" into isClosing
end doMyCloseStackStuff

Hope this helps.


Hello again,
sometimes the basics are the hardest :) I want to be able to close my stack
by the standard "red cross" AND also by one of my self made menu items
Using "on closeStackRequest" traps the standard closing by the cross and
after answering "yes" the stack closes. BUT sending "closeStackRequest" from
my menu and answering "yes", nothing happens. But always when picking a
second time the close menu and answering "yes" the stack closes.
Using "close myStack" in my menu didn't worked as expected either (as posted
So what is the straight forward way to close from the title bar and a self
made menu with an answer trap?
Thank you

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