iPhone again

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 19:05:57 EDT 2008

> I've experience in quite a few languages, and I have to say, I too find
> Obj-C a bit hard to swallow.  I even prefer smalltalk to Obj C.

I believe that now the iPhone Developer's NDA has been relaxed, we
should start to see more tutorials appear.

>  However,
> whilst I'll sidestep the possibility of running a Rev app on the iPhone, can
> I just ask you if you are aware of the problems with iPhone distribution?
> Apple has pulled the plug on some apps because it doesn't like them (for
> various reasons).  I certainly would not want any app I spend time
> developing to have to live or die by the whim of Steve Jobs (or more likely,
> a Steve Jobs wannabe).

If you actually read all the info about the relatively few cases where
this has happened, it becomes clear that the pulled apps really were
in breach of the iPhone developer agreement. There are now thousands
of iPhone apps available with millions of downloads. Don't get scared
off because a handful have been rejected, just read the agreement
again and work out whether your planned app would contravene any of
the clauses.

> If you are not planning to deliver your iPhone app through Apple, then this
> thought is probably of no import.

While this is very useful for in-house apps which will be used by
fewer than 100 people, it doesn't work if you want wide distribution.


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