Is the "Revolution Dictionary" written using Revolution?

Scott Pepperdine spepper at
Fri Oct 10 04:56:23 EDT 2008

Thanks Phil!  That was a huge help.  It is now approaching 3 am and I 
have been browsing those stacks for hours.  Learning a lot.

However, one thing that I am interested in still escapes me.  Does 
anyone know how the 'data view' list of topics is displayed with 
alternating lines being different colors?  They might be populating the 
list with htmlText and setting the bgcolor of alternating lines to 
different colors, but I haven't found the function (yet) if they are.

I'm not asking anyone to find it for me.  I'll keep digging.  But if you 
already know how this is being done a quick hint would be appreciated. 


Phil Davis wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> Yes, here's how:
> 1) In Rev prefs, make sure "Revolution UI elements appear in lists of 
> stacks" is checked.
> 2) Open Rev's Application Browser.
> 3) Open the Dictionary. It should appear at the bottom of the app 
> browser list. Now you can browse it as any other stack.
> HTH -
> Phil Davis
> Scott Pepperdine wrote:
>> I'm trying to teach myself UI capabilities in Rev.  The "Revolution 
>> Dictionary" has some very nice features.  Is it written in 
>> Revolution?  If yes, is there a way to look at how it is done?  I 
>> cannot just change to edit mode while it is up.
>> Thanks,
>> --Scott 

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