Convert HC Stack to Rev - Without HC?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Oct 7 11:59:43 EDT 2008

Mark Srebnik wrote:
> Greetings,
> Would like to convert a HyperCard Stack to Rev if possible. However, from
> reading Jacqueline's excellent tutorial on this I see the following
> problems. 
> A) Since I use OSX on my MacBook at home, I don't have ability to run
> HyperCard; ie, no Classic anymore...
> B) Since I don't have HC to run and edit scripts before converting I can't
>     1) comment out XCMD's and FCN's as noted in tutorial...
>     2) edit script to change menu references..
> Given the above, wondering if there's any workaround in order to do
> conversion???

Yes, though you can't do the (often required) "compact stack" part. You 
can click the Messages button in Rev's toolbar to turn off messages. 
This will eliminate any error reports while you go through the stack to 
remove the handlers that are incompatible.

It is very important to compact the HC stack in HC before importing 
however. You may get lucky and things will run fine. But if you see 
missing cards, scrambled data, or incorrect images (aside from the alpha 
problem) then the stack needs compacting. On rare occasions an 
uncompacted stack may not even import at all.

You might look into SheepShaver or vMac -- I have run HyperCard on my OS 
X Intel machine using both. Neither is a perfect solution, but both run 
well enough to get the compaction done. I particularly like the 
suggestion of running vMac/HC from a USB stick that I can just plug in 
whenever I need it (but I've lost the link to that; maybe someone else 
here still has it. You could try a Google on "vMac on a stick".) Ken Ray 
has a tutorial on his web site on how to install SheepShaver, maybe 
he'll chime in with that link.

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