virtual desktops in linux, very weird

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sun Oct 5 11:04:30 EDT 2008

OK, finally tested this on exactly the same machine, but with WindowMaker and
Fluxbox.  In both cases it works fine.  You can put either the dictionary,
the stack you're working on, the editor, the property inspector all on
different windows.  You can then drag and create a button lets say, do 'edit
script' and when you flip back to the workspace where the script editor is,
there it is waiting to be edited.  If memory is correct, this was also the
situation with 2.9.  Maybe this was why I at first thought it was working,
must have been using Fluxbox.

Yet on Gnome it doesn't work at all.  You can move windows to other
desktops, but as soon as you go to the other desktop, back they flash to the
one with the Rev menubar on it.  It will probably not work on KDE as it did
not in 2.9 either.

How can this be, that it works in WM and Fluxbox, but not in Gnome, when
nothing else has changed? This is apart from the WM being used, exactly the
same config in all cases.  I am not restarting, just signing off and then
signing on again.  
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