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Look at Pixie by Apple Computer :
   Pixie is a magnifying glass utility for Mac OS X.  It is useful  
for doing pixel-perfect layout, checking the correctness of graphics  
and UI, and getting magnified screen shots.  It has a bunch of power  
features to make life easier, including:
     •  Variable magnification
     •  Support for grids of different colors
     •  Copying and saving a magnified image
     •  Display of mouse coordinates
     •  Continuous refreshing to follow animations
     •  Floating above other windows for accessibility
     •  Locking the contents of the magnified view
     •  Locking one axis of the magnified view at a time
     •  Dragging, copying and display of colors
   To change settings, just bring up the Preferences panel.  To  
change the size of the magnified area, resize the window using the  
lower right hand corner.
   To drag, copy and display colors from the magnified view, first  
lock the magnified view (press Command-L), then move the mouse to the  
pixel you want and click or drag it.  (You may need to turn some of  
these features on in Preferences before they will work).

René from Paris

Le 25 juin 08 à 17:34, Mark Schonewille a écrit :

> Hi William,
> Design a nice magnifying glass and import it. Copying icons from  
> other programmes violates copyright, even if it is from Apple.
> I looked for a royalty-free distributable magnifying-class icon in  
> Apple's developer tools, but I couldn't find any.
> --
> Best regards,
> Mark Schonewille
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> On 25 jun 2008, at 17:08, william humphrey wrote:
>> How do you get that magnifying glass icon into RunRev?
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