How to select a cell instead of a line in a table

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Sat Jun 14 19:25:50 CDT 2008

The script is based on the CLICKCHUNK.  So if your glyphs are seen
with the clickchunk it might work.  Most of the code is just math to  
the proper cell after you have found the clickchunk.


On Jun 14, 2008, at 4:40 PM, Kresten Bjerg wrote:

> Many thanks. The dynamic table is a beauty, and it works also in  
> Windows. Congratulations.
> Unfortunately my case is a little more complicated, because the  
> font of the first character of each cell
> is essential. I have 12 pictogram fonts, and the first character is  
> a glyph, the remaining is the english label
> of that glyph. The function consists in the user selecting a glyph,  
> which produces a button, showing the
> glyph -and having its label as a  tooltip. The user arranges such  
> buttons around his diary text-field, and
> on clicking them, the glyphs are entered as a (supplementary)  
> timeindexed shorthand in his journaling.
> Unfortunately I dont understand enough of the complexity of your  
> script to see whether the maintaining of
> the font-properties is within reach.
> (an old version of my program can be found in userspaces under  
> "Kresten" - but needs of course the fonts
> to demonstrate the function clearly)
> Kresten
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