launch URL to get an e-mail with BCC, Subject and Body (was revMail and BCC)

Josh Mellicker josh at
Mon Jun 2 15:24:30 EDT 2008

Have you checked out "altEmailHarness.rev"?

I tried it once and it worked perfectly.

On Jun 2, 2008, at 3:36 AM, Andre.Bisseret wrote:

> Hi,
> (Since yesterday I did not receive any message from the list?? I  
> hope this message will be received)
> ------
> I need to compose e-mail with addresses in BCC. revMail does not  
> allow that.
> Thanks to an answer from Sarah Reicheit I am now trying to use the  
> mailto protocol in a launch URL command.
> (launch URL is now recommanded in 2.9.0 instead of revgourl which  
> still works but which is deprecated).
> In order to fill in the three fields of an e-mail (BCC, Subject and  
> Body), I was struggling  with (&s, &"&"&, ? etc.)
> After hours of trials and errors I succeeded (partly) :
> I have three variables :
> tWho : contains the list of addresses to be put in the BCC field;
> tSubject : contains the subject of the e-mail
> tBody : contains the text of the e-mail
> Then the following is working
> put "launch URL" && quote & "mailto:?BCC=" & tWho & "&" & "Subject="  
> & tSubject & "&" & "Body=" & tBody & quote into tCommand
> do tCommand
> BUT this is working only if tSubject and tBody do not include any  
> special characters (including CR; so that tBpdy can't have more than  
> one line).
> Now my problem is with URLencode
> I tried  to URLencode tSubject and tBody
> Unfortunately, that does not works :
> With one line only in tSubject as well as in tBody (and not special  
> characters), if I URLencode them, I get an e-mail but with the  
> URLencoded text !
> For example I get : "Our+next+meeting+in+Paris" :-((
> And furthermore, if tSubject include at leat one accented character  
> then no e-mail shows up
> if tBody includes at least one accented character, or several lines,  
> then the Body of the e-mail is empty
> So, the only case where I get a complete e-mail is when the texts of  
> tSubject and tBody have only one line each, include not any special  
> character and are not URLencoded.
> Seems I am missing something about URLencode?
> Any help would be very much appreciated
> Best regards from Grenoble
> André
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