Issues with "start using stack"

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Thu Jan 17 17:36:23 EST 2008

Hi Sharon,

When a library acts on objects/controls in another stack, it's usual  
to refer to these objects using their long name/ID to be sure to  
address the right object: just try it :-)
This means that a param passes the long name of an object and your  
lib acts as follows: 'set the width of pObj to <value>' for instance.
Then no matter what is the defaultStack or such issues that lead to  
errors like 'No such object'.

Le 17 janv. 08 à 22:38, Sharon Stamps a écrit :

> I am hoping someone can help me with this... I have a library stack  
> that I call using the "start using stack" command.  The script was  
> originally contained in stack1's stack script.  Now I have several  
> other stacks that need to do the same basic things, so I created  
> stack2 as a library stack.  I removed the stack scripting in  
> stack1.  I call the "start using stack" command in the preOpenStack  
> handler of stack1.  Now some handlers work fine, but other handlers  
> give me errors, stating "object is not found".  There seems to be  
> no rhyme or reason to this.  (Example: I can show group "readMe" on  
> the card just fine, but setting the style of scrollbar "loudness"  
> on the same card gives me an error.)  I can not seem to figure out  
> what the problem is.  Has anyone experienced something similar when  
> using a library stack?  I currently have no handlers in stack1 that  
> are also in stack2 (the library stack) so I am pretty sure it is  
> not a hierarchy problem.  Any insights?
> Thanks,
> Sharon

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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