Team Development using Run Rev

mfstuart mfstuart at
Fri Feb 29 12:15:25 EST 2008

Hi Malte,
First, thanx for your reply. I've put other questions or responses below...

>Most of the time same office, sometimes spread across regions -
So do the remote developers email the rev files to somebody who then copies
these new or updated rev files to the master location? I assume this is the
merge process.

>Bottom line, is RunRev a good tool to use in a production team environment?

>I wrote an XML exporter for stacks -
In the tool I currently use (eDeveloper), I can export any object in the
application to a text file: model, table definition, program, help, menu,
anything. In this file, besides all the other stuff, is what they call an
ISN - Internal Serial Number for each object. This is how they track
(internally) the relationship between each object. When I import that object
into another project, or even the same project on the master, it knows what
it belongs to, in the target project.
So if you have this exporter, can you create the importer to get back the
objects to their original state? That would be the key.
And if this cannot work, then Steve's concepts would align to how I'd
approach team development using RunRev.

Mark Stuart
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