Team Development using Run Rev

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Feb 29 11:40:13 EST 2008

On 29/2/08 14:27, Len Morgan wrote:
> Is there any chance that one of you (or someone else) might release the 
> XML exporter?  I'd like to make a "DIFFer"  for stacks.  I'd want to be 
> able to export EVERYTHING (object properties, etc) in addition to 
> scripts and then give the option to the user to display everything, just 
> objects, just scripts, etc.
> I understand that you cannot restore a stack exactly, because you can't 
> set IDs, but I think you might be able to "fake" it by recreating the 
> stack in the same order (so the ids would end up being the same).  Maybe 
> that's more trouble than it's worth but I think it IS possible.
> I think this would be a handy tool and I'd love to take a shot at it.

You're welcome to take a copy of mine and mash it as you will.  It's literally 
a tool stack - no docs, impenetrable interface, probably shitey code - I've 
just built it once when I needed, extended it on another occasion when I 
needed a bit more, repeat, so it's just got an accreted collection of the 
features I've needed at some time or the other.

I say it generates XML, but it would be more accurate to say 'pseudo-XML' - 
it's probably well formed, but it's not valid, there's no use of CDATA or 
escaping on the content, so if a script includes "&" (er, many of mine do) 
that just appears in the 'xml', instantly rendering it invalid for a start.

I've only ever used it for diffing, not with any intention of archiving or 
recreating from the files.  Includes options for scripts, substacks, object 
native properties, user properties, rev properties, contents and styled contents.

(As an example of the fact that it has been aimed at diffing not 
reconstructing, it's smart enough to output elements belonging to groups only 
once, rather than on each card it encounters the group; but it doesn't mention 
whether a particular card includes a given group.)

So, if you'll accept it with no warranties, no apologies, and no explanations, 
  you're welcome to it.

- Ben

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