Team Development using Run Rev

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Fri Feb 29 09:27:38 EST 2008

Is there any chance that one of you (or someone else) might release the 
XML exporter?  I'd like to make a "DIFFer"  for stacks.  I'd want to be 
able to export EVERYTHING (object properties, etc) in addition to 
scripts and then give the option to the user to display everything, just 
objects, just scripts, etc.

I understand that you cannot restore a stack exactly, because you can't 
set IDs, but I think you might be able to "fake" it by recreating the 
stack in the same order (so the ids would end up being the same).  Maybe 
that's more trouble than it's worth but I think it IS possible.

I think this would be a handy tool and I'd love to take a shot at it.

len morgan
> Like Malte, I've written an XML exporter for stacks (hmm, I bet a lot of
> people have done this - perhaps we should all agree a common format?).
> However, I've not attempted to write the corresponding importer; I use it
> mainly for diffing, if I've got in a mess with two development 
> branches.  It's
> part of my emergency toolkit rather than part of my regular working 
> process.

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