Faking keypresses on Mac OS X

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Wed Feb 27 13:39:29 EST 2008

On 27/2/08 18:32, Jim Sims wrote:

> Might this work?
> Put the chars you want onto clipboard in Rev - use a suitable time delay 
> (send in...)
> the use an applescript which pastes into the topmost application.

An ingenious suggestion, which might indeed work for some apps; but not for a 
browser instance inside Rev.  Your suggestion did make me test what happened 
if my Rev app executed 'paste' while the focus was on a text field in the web 
page in the browser instance in the stack: the result was can't "paste (empty 
clipboard or locked destination)".

Keep the suggestions coming - these are all good ideas which might work for 
some contexts - just haven't yet found the one that answers mine!


- Ben

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