Reliable Cursor Changes?

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Feb 25 20:11:27 EST 2008

Hi Mark:

> I just tried this in a new stack... seems to work.

> on mouseEnter
>   switch (the RollOverCursor of me)
>   case 1
>     set cursor to 76
>     break
>   case 2
>     set cursor to hand
>     break
>   default
>     reset cursors
>   end switch
>   lock cursor
> end mouseEnter
> on mouseLeave
>   unlock cursor
> end mouseLeave

My stack is running under a standalone environment -- I'm not sure if this
changes things but I had to modify your script a bit to get the cursor to
revert to normal (I'm only using 2 rollover states):

on mouseEnter
  if the uRolloverCursor of the target then
    set cursor to hand
    lock cursor
    exit mouseEnter
  end if
  unlock cursor
  reset cursors
end mouseEnter

on mouseLeave
  unlock cursor
  reset cursors
end mouseLeave

Thanks for your suggestion -- simple and seems to be working as needed.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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