2.9 dp4 microsoft scripting (using word or excel)

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Mon Feb 25 12:59:40 EST 2008

On Feb 25, 2008, at 12:07 PM, runrev at animabit.de wrote:

> Does anyone know a trick to use the Word-Object after the vbscript  
> has ended and runrev got the result of vbscript? Could runrev get  
> the Word-ID as result of the createobject syntax and use it later  
> again? I assume this wouldn't be possible, but it would be fine if  
> this could have be done.

Perhaps this will be of help. From the engine change log:

The result of execution is reflected in 'the result'. This will  
contain "alternate language not found" if the specified language was  
unknown and "execution error" if a problem occured while running the  
script. If a problem did not occur, Revolution will evaluate the value  
of a global variable 'result' (if declared) within the scripting  
engine, if not declared empty will be assumed.

For example:
   do "result = 1 + 1" as "vbscript"
Will return "2" in 'the result'.

Note: At present only values that can be coerced to a string are  
supported when returning a value.


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