running a (non-standard?) SQL query

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Thu Feb 21 19:36:00 EST 2008

Further to my Japanese (UTF-8) encoding problem with Rev-cgi and MySQL.

One possible source of the problem is the character set of the server, which,
in my case, differs from the character set of my database. Assuming that
I cannot change the server's character set, one workaround I've read of is to
set the character set of the session itself immediately after connecting to
the database.

The MySQL query command for this is:

   SET session character_set_server = UTF8

So, I tried running this in my Rev-cgi script at:

   put revExecuteSQL connID,"SET session character_set_server = UTF8"

Needless to say, it didn't work.

What I'm wondering now is whether the problem is my ignorance of  the
"revExecuteSQL" command or whether "revExecuteSQL" itself doesn't
allow this particular MySQL query command.

Any thoughts?


Nicolas Cueto

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