Anyone interested in learning more about Rev on Rockets?

Brian Yennie briany at
Thu Feb 21 06:20:18 EST 2008


I'd love to see this project continue to move forward in all aspects.  
Years ago (in the "MetaCard" and Scott Raney days) I wrote a MetaCard- 
based web / application server for a project I was working on. It was  
a lot of fun being able to implement it in MetaTalk (Transcript), but  
unfortunately the code is now buried in a dead, private project. I  
wished at the time that it could have grown into something like Rev  
on Rockets -- which now has gone several steps further.

In any case, I can't claim to have an immediate use for it, but it's  
something that I would be happy to contribute to or simply cheer from  
the sidelines, whether it be code samples, actual code contributions,  

Perhaps if enough people chime in here, it would be worth organizing  
a chat to discuss useful applications, feature requests, etc.

Kudos to Andre, and good to see you involved as well!

- Brian

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