Anyone interested in learning more about Rev on Rockets?

chris livermore chrisliv at
Thu Feb 21 16:14:36 EST 2008

Very interested Chipp. Andre and I will be using it in a couple of projects
coming up and I really need to get on top of it.
Love this Rev community, good spirit of generosity

Big thanks to Andre


On 21/2/08 10:01 PM, "Chipp Walters" <chipp at> wrote:

> Part II
> So, the other really cool part of ROR (Rev On Rockets) is it comes with it's
> own webserver, which runs locally, and is ENTIRELY REV BASED. So, you can
> edit and debug your RevCGI right in Rev without even being connected to the
> Internet. This is an extreme ease-of-use workflow addition to the labored
> process of write code, upload, test in browser, then try and figure out why
> it didn't work-- which is the most DIFFICULT part of RevCGI. Andre's
> webserver has some very advanced debugging features as well, so it's much
> easier to 'get it right.'
> To say it another way, Andre's really done quite well in integrating all of
> this, and those of you who know him, know he writes really good code.
> And, with a few modifications to MagicCarpet, I've been able to streamline
> workflow outside of Andre's local webserver.
> One of the issues with ROR, is it's not documented well-- and is a bit hard
> to pickup without a bit of handholding. In fact, I've spent hours on the
> phone and screensharing with Andre just to get caught up on all the neat
> stuff his libraries do. We've created several examples together, and after
> our sessions, I end up more and more impressed with ROR.
> So, I thought if others were interested, I'd create a tutorial series to
> help developers learn how to use ROR and RevCGI. There are of course some
> very good RevCGI beginner tutorials, but I'm hoping these would go farther,
> and show a bit more advanced putting file locking on a
> stack so that 2 people don't try to write to it at once. Or, uploading
> images and files via HTTP and not FTP using POST.
> So, if you're interested, holler at me or Andre, or just respond here. If
> there are enough folks, we'll create a few free ROR tutes. Just let us know!
> -Chipp
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