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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Tue Feb 19 18:10:02 EST 2008

I'd say the 2.9 release is very close....the DP-4 beta rocks with 
just a few things to fix.

This release has a lot more value of a .1 release (the numbering 
system was redone to accomodate the future  features in the next big 
release 3.0).

for all practical purposes there are so many fixes and new features 
addes since 2.8.1 that one can't really pigeonhole the progress made 
by calling it a "point-release".  2.9 will be the most solid, feature 
packed release yet.

Besides, sooner or later you'll want 3.0 which is expected perhaps by 
the middle of this year.  (Remember 'Revolution Live' was rescheduled 
to accomodate the announcement, if not release of version 3.0.)

The stuff that's coming is awesome! Due to an NDA, I can't mention 
what -- and if one is really curious then one will have to go to Las 
Vegas this summer.  -- or join the beta testers.

>Do we have a date for the 2.9 release? I am anxiously waiting!


stephen barncard
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