Property Profile Problems

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Tue Feb 19 08:35:40 EST 2008

Does anyone out there make wxtensive use of Property Profiles, because  
I need a little help.

First problem; how do I prevent property profiles from creating  
themselves? For example - I have about 200 objects, mostly buttons,  
with 2 profiles - "Master and Other". The two profiles are either icon  
(one for each profile) or visible (true or false). If I have the  
stackFile in "Other" and add a new object/ layer, a layer property is  
added to all two profile objects in front of it. The answer of course  
to only add objects when in the Master Profile, but sometimes I  
forget. Not that this doesn't make sense - it certainly does, but I  
would still like to know if there is any way to avoid this if I happen  
to forget which profile I am in and make some changes. It may not seem  
too important, but in this case it is, because of all the scripts in  
this project the only one that isn't virtually instaneous is switching  
profiles, which takes about 1/3 of a second. But at one point it  
started taking almost a second, at which point I discovered the  
hundreds of extra layer properties. One all were deleted and  
corrected, the switch was back to 1/3 of a second. Right now I am busy  
correcting this once again, and I was wondering if it is at all  
possible to avoid. I kind of doubt it, but it doesn't hurt to ask,  

The second is more difficult. I have some homemade ask and answer  
dialogs that involve a group moving into and back out of place,  
imitating a sheet. This by the way was a great suggestion to replace  
visual effects (sorry, I forgot who suggested this to me) but it is  
causing one problem. If for example I slide an answer dialog into  
place while in "Master" and then switch the profile to "Other" before  
answering (which slides the dialog group back out) a rect property is  
created fo all the objects in the group, and when I switch back to  
"Master" all the rects of the objects are wrong, because the group  
moves while in the "Other" profile. Is the only way around this to  
prevent the profile switch while an ask or answer dialog is visible  
and in place? I hope someone can suggest a way around this.



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