RevCGI Hosts?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Feb 18 22:16:54 EST 2008

Thanks Jacque and Nicolas and Andre,

Finally got it working. Turns out, even though the permissions showed
"777", they were not. I had to set them a different way than
right-clicking on them. After that, it worked fine.

Thanks a bunch for all your off to create some CGI's :-)

Couple of notes to others trying this same thing:

1) As Jacque correctly mentions above, the name of the rev execuable
needs to be the same as the first line in the script...wasn't clear to
me. So, the first line invokes the has to be the #1
line, not number 2 or number 3...(which it was for me as I had simply
copied and pasted Jacque's script...indents and all.)

2) The licensing issue for now is not one. I seem to remember an issue
sometime before...perhaps it was with distributing the engine...?

3) Make sure you upload the correct engine for the correct server.

4) Never could get Andre's stack "CGI-Tool" to work. It finally made a
connection, but that was it. I would suggest he consider adding a
"test connection" button like I have in MagicCarpet which can help
debug connection issues.

Thanks again,

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