removing ask/answer/msg substacks from old mc stacks

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Sun Feb 17 19:26:03 EST 2008

  in Rev it's the preference "revolution UI Elements appear in lists of stacks"
is there a similar pref in Metacard?   (sorry if this is obvious...)

>I'm sorry i have done this in the past, but have forgotten how to do it.
>I have some old mc stacks from like 8 years ago that have the ask 
>and answer dialog substacks in them. i removed them in rev 2.6.1, 
>but now i keep getting a message box error (message box is already 
>open in rev) when i open the stack in rev 2.8.1. so it seems that 
>there is still a message box substack hiding in my stack, but it 
>doesnt show up in application browser with my stack. i remember a 
>similar problem in the past with old mc cards like this, but ive 
>forgotten what i did last time to loose all the old substack assets 
>to make it clean with rev.
>jeff reynolds


stephen barncard
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