revolution on the web

Eric A. Engle engleerica at
Sun Feb 17 11:53:01 EST 2008

I signed up for the 2.9 beta :) iHope I get accepted I
think I have some ability to contribute. 

I would like to see revolution able to 
a) generate video (see my hypercard videokit built
with udi's external, it's on Alain's pantechnicon
b) become an alternative to javascript <script
c) develop a browser capability (see my iFunctions
stack, it's on Alain's free gui site)
I got a copy of altBrowser complimentary from altuit,
sort of as an incentive to stop working on my own
browser. It's not on their website. Did altBrowser get
directl integrated into the more recent releases of
rev (the way I think it should be :) ?

I guess Jacqueline's great CGI tutorial will do for
getting me up on Rev CGI.

What I really would love is a way for stacks to be
served into a browser (i.e. a rev plugin like
shockwave or flash). I know 3 years ago that wasn't in
the works. I'm hoping it is now.

Also I'm interested in investor relations =) 



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