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Some of you may know that my site has been the distribution point for 
the Shakobox PlayCommand Agent, written by Jonathan Bettencourt some 
years ago. This software allows Revolution to emulate the HyperCard 
"play" command on both Windows and Mac. HyperCard's "play" command is 
able to use scripted musical notation to play back songs on the fly. The 
PlayCommand Agent uses QuickTime to simulate what HyperCard could do 

Recently it was reported that the PlayCommand Agent does not work when 
more than 256 notes were scripted. Jon is no longer supporting the 
software, but given the recent problem, he has released the code as open 

The info he posted to the HyperCard mailing list is below, and includes 
a link to the source code. I think it would be wonderful if someone 
would turn this into a Revolution external. I know that many people use 
PlayCommand Agent and would appreciate a more consolidated solution than 
the current one, which requires external files on disk and a few extra 
steps to get it working.

If anyone would like to take a stab at this, please let me know. I'd be 
happy to continue distributing updates; I think it would be a good idea 
to keep any new versions in a central location. Also, it has always been 
a free offering and we would like to keep it that way.


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I've decided to release the source code for the PlayCommand Agent
program that made playing HyperTalk note syntax using QuickTime
possible. It's available to download here:

If someone has experience with a) RealBasic, b) a *real* language, and
c) the QuickTime API, then please be my guest to port it, make it an
XCMD, etc. :)

You may distribute this message however you want. Post it on the Rev
list, for example.

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