hostNameToAddress not working??? (Correction)

Dave dave at
Fri Feb 15 08:50:50 EST 2008


Some typeo's crept in! It should read - however if I append ".local"  
to the machine name it returns the correct LAN address. So if I  
change my function as so:

--  IPMGetHostIPAddressLAN
function IPMGetHostIPAddressLAN
   local myHostName
   local myHostIPAddress

   put the hostName into  myHostName
   if char -6 to -1 myHostName <> ".local" then
     put ".local" after myHostName
   end if

   put hostNameToAddress(myHostName) into myHostIPAddress
   return myHostIPAddress
end IPMGetHostIPAddressLAN

It works!!!!!!!!!!

All the Best

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