Flash or Quicktime?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Fri Feb 15 07:47:42 EST 2008

Hello all,

I am about to plan my next project. It will be a Win & Mac database driven
app from DVD-ROM with about 17000 small video clips (each 1-4 sec).

Now I have to decide very early which video format I am going to use,
because I start with the video production. As I know up to now, the only
native video format you can use in Rev is quicktime. On the other hand I
have read that you could also play flash videos (even flv) with the
altBrowser and jeroens media player. Both ways have advantages and

One of the musts is, that I can step frame by frame - forward and backward -
through the video (beside standard play, stop, pause), controlled by my own
rev buttons.

If I would use quicktime:

Pro: I probably would have the fewest troubles in implementing, because I
can stay completely in rev.

Con: Windows users have to install quicktime, what some windows users really
don't like and some of my customers are perhaps not online, while

If I would use the browser and jeroens solution with flash:

Pro: I don't have to install anything on the enduser machine (nearly 95%
have flash installed)

Con: I had to implement some code in javascript, what I am not used in and I
would have to build my own controls and communications from rev to the
mediaplayer in the browser ( what I don't know yet if and how to do)

Main Con: As I have read on jeromes site, I can't realize a step frame by
frame function with flash videos, though I think I have seen such an app

Has anybody heard, if flash will be implemented in rev once?


I would appreciate your experiences and thoughts about these points





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