Rép : Substack command don't reach main stack when executed as Standalone-"Corrected" Nearly solved

Pierre pierre.bernaert at mac.com
Thu Feb 14 14:08:01 EST 2008

Hi mark and Eric +

I  Made some progress .

In the Window : "Stand Alone Application Settings ..."  'General'
I chose :    "Search for required inclusion when saving the  
standalone application"
					instead of Select inclusion s for the Standalone with "Ask  
DIalog", "Answer Dialog" and "cursors"  ON
	           I Kept "Remove all profiles on projects"

				No progress when testing .

I Kept the last 'General' Settings then

I then went to the tablet Stacks:

  My main Stack and all Substacks are there.

"Move Substacks into individual  Stack files was selected" I put it off.

Surprise, everything goes right  as far as substack command is  
"my test and the use of all my sub-routines works fine"

	BUT  problem:

The update of none of my substacks doesn't work.

My Main Stack is the Splash Screen and each substack run a "save"  
within the "On CloseStack" handler.

Where can I find detailed informations about the Stand Alone Settings ?

Many thanks for helping


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