Archiving Eudora?

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Wed Feb 13 17:51:16 EST 2008

Hi Stephen,

Eudora uses the mbox format, Right?
On September 2006, i posted this message to this mail list:

stack Mailbox Offline reader

Hi all,

This stack arises from the fact that i do not
have internet in the place where i live actually
and i like to read the messages from this list
without downloading many yahoo html pages.

i´m looking for testers and comments
for this stack: Mailbox browser.rev
to make it more useful and easy to understand.

This stack allows to read offline, the mailboxes
from this and many maillist that uses the mbox format
to store the messages.

To test this stack, download the compressed stack
and a mailbox gzipped file like:

Decompress the stack and open it in Rev or any of
the players. When you open the stack, you will
noticed six tabs: Messages, Developers, date, 
Subject, words, update.

Click at the tab named "Update".
you will notice a text field and four controls
in the bottom of the card area.

Click at the button named:
Click this button to update...
Drag and drop a mailbox gzipped file
to the field labeled:
Drag and Drop here a compressed...

Then, automatically an script will create
a duplicate of the stack "Mailbox Offline Reader"
and will insert in this copy (as custom properties)
1)the complete mailbox compressed as gzip
2)a gzip compressed Subject index
3)a Developers index
4)Date index
5)words index
6) and create other custom properties.

Notice, in the process of creating this mailbox,
the script ask that you choose one or two letters
to identify the mailbox. Use R for Runrev or
M for MetaCard mailboxes or E for education list...

When the process of creating all these indexes
is finished the stack is saved at the same location
of the stack "Mailbox Offline Reader" using the
extension .mdg , but remember it is still a stack
that you could open from Revolution.

Then, from this stack, you will be able to
browse the post of the mailbox, by date, developer,
subject, and words. In the first tab, Messages,
you could use the right click button to get a 
contextual menu to copy text, and find it in
the indexes. In the other tabs: developers, subjects
date and words, you had to Right click on the 
line to activate the script that displays 
the messages.

The code is open to see, feel free to post
your own enhancement to this list, or send them
to my email.

Thanks to Chipp Walters for his stack altFldHeader
and Alex Tweedley for his script to parse

Have a nice day.


on Wednesday, 13 February 2008
Stephen Barncard wrote:

> there was someone on this list who stated 
> that they had or were working on or had completed an archiving tool 
> to parse out all the Eudora files and create a CSV list.

> Yes, I know I could make one, I've done Eudora email parsing before 
> in HC, but if an app has already been done, it would be worth it.

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