Inter-Application Communication on Windows

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Wed Feb 13 12:18:20 EST 2008

Hi Dave,

You should have a look at TCP App 1 & 2 from Alex Tweedly on RevOnline.

Le 13 févr. 08 à 18:14, Dave a écrit :

> Hi,
> This looks like it's the way to get/put data from/to applications,  
> but:
>> However, on the Mac I have a handler for the "appleEvent" message,  
>> this gets called asynchronously whenever the other application  
>> send an AppleEvent. Can I achieve the same or similar under  
>> Windows? e.g. AppA gets a Message sent to it when there is a  
>> message ready to be read or some such? The only other way I can  
>> think of achieving this would be for the main application to  
>> periodically execute a "poll" handler which calls the External  
>> Command and read the message(s) from a queue?
> Given two applications, AppA and AppB. AppB needs to send a message  
> to AppA so it executes a "write to process' command. How does AppA  
> know that a message has been sent? On the Mac, the "appleEvent"  
> will be sent to AppA, but on Windows, AppA would have to be  
> executing a "read from process" command to be able to get the data.  
> Also if I have a number of Applications (AppC, AppD, AppE) that  
> want to communicate with AppA then I'd have to be executing 4 "read  
> from process" command simultaneously, how could this be implemented?
> Thanks a lot
> All the Best
> Dave

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