filling a db on CD, what happens?

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Hi Kay,

> On Feb 7, 2008 2:02 PM, Ruslan Zasukhin <sunshine at> wrote:
>> In general case Databases (w.g. SqlLite or Valentina) will not allow you
>> do
>> this on CD. You will get exception/error on the first attempt to do
> But what about a case where ALL you want to do is SELECT.

Then no problems, and hundreds, usually Director Valentina developers, do
this. They develop CD/DVD based projects -- for education, presentations,
catalogs, games, ...

> Lets say you have a 'Tour of the Museum of Fine Art', a DB with a couple of
> entries for title,artist,year,description,style,image (image being a high
> resolution .jpg). Because of the images the whole lot comes to a couple of
> GBs so you put it on a DVD. The intention is only to 'view'. Is it possible
> to save the User the need to clog their HD by leaving the DB on DVD.

Yes of course possible, why not? :-)
Only difference here is that APPLICATION will work with TWO or MORE dbs:
first db (read only) on DVD, second on the HDD.

Also we have meet even more complex ideas, when play a third db which is
online under Valentina Server.

> What about a Hybrid.
> If the above is possible, then what about an approach where your Rev front
> end is stored on the Users HD and creates a small DB. The small DB has two
> entries, notes and a pointer to the read only DVD DB. In this way a user
> could enter their own notes about each painting in the museum, these notes
> would be written to the small DB and be remembered, and modifiable as
> required.
> NOTE. I appreciate that this is not the 'normal/fastest' way you'd handle
> this in a DB. I'm simply interested in whether this will work.

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