Paying side-project for someone: Safari/Firefox bookmark/homepage app

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Thu Feb 7 12:47:37 EST 2008


This is trickier than it seems from a Revolution standpoint.

I just noticed that setting the home page on safari preferences on
leopard, is not setting it for firefox like it did on the past. So
safari is no longer acquiring its home page from the WWWHomepage key
in or, which means that "We don't have a
clue where it is storing it!" (tm).

Browsers such as Opera, IE and Firefox have a built-in javascript
function to add bookmarks, it varies from browser to browser but it is
there. Safari did not implement such features, most of the bookmark
adding tools out there are scripting key presses thru "GUI Events" or
some other applescript way to control the input.

You may have a winner thru sync services but still making an external
to call Objective-C/Cocoa code is not trivial since externals are
C/C++ based. I am still trying to do that kind of call here with my
levels of frustration going ever higher.

You may be in need of some Objective-C command line tool to bundle
inside an Revolution application bundle... that might work.

This is my two cents for those that want to tackle such problem.


On 2/7/08, rgould8 at <rgould8 at> wrote:
> I have a need to hire someone for a fairly short-term project.? It's for a client who needs to an app to:
> 1)? alter the user's homepage URL in their browser, and
> 2)? add 1 bookmark to their browser.? (It's for an ISP)
> Specs:
> This only needs to work on a Mac, in Tiger and Leopard.
> Browsers:? Safari 2, Safari 3, and maybe Firefox if possible.
> It needs to be a standalone executable.? Doesn't matter to me what it is written in.? It
> does need to be something that can be double-clicked from the desktop.
> After speaking with some engineers, the thinking is that this could all be done using
> Apple's sync-services in Cocoa.? (Using Apple's method of allowing apps to update browser booksmarks
> during the syncing process).? That way the browser doesn't have to quit or require authentification.
> I'm sure a Rev app could be written as well, but to edit the browser's pref files for bookmarks, the
> browser would have to quit first.? I'd like to avoid that if possible.
> My understanding is that this cannot be done within a web-page itself due to security-reasons.? If
> this assumption is not true, please let me know.
> Please email me off the list if you know how to pull this off, and what you'd charge for such a task.
> My off-list email is:? GouldIMG at
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