revBrowser Memory Leak

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Wed Feb 6 10:36:30 EST 2008

Has anyone noticed a memory leak while using revbrowser?

I was working with revBrowser and two browser windows and I noticed  
after quiting that my processes on my mac still included Revolution  
at 46% usage of my cpu after I quit. I had to force quit the process  
even though the app was already quit.

The app was no longer open and I did include the close rev browser in  
a repeat with revBrowserInstances (copied directly from the  
revSampleBrowser app). It closed all instances or so it seems.

Anyway, after that my computer crashed really bad in fact I have to  
take it in for check/repair today. I get the white screen hanging on  
bootup. FWIW I had a kernel panic and instead of pulling the power  
cord like I have done in the past instead I followed the dialog and  
hit the power button. Well now it won't restart. I should have just  
pulled all power, damn.

I am using my old laptop to write this. Problem is the project I was  
working on is still on the old computer so I'm stuck until I get the  
computer back.


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