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> I spent some time experimenting and it appears there is no way to 
> show for example "option + return" symbols in a pulldown menu in a 
> menubar. Oh, I can get the symbols to show after dancing with various 
> settings for the button, but not as a true macintosh menuitem thingy.
> Why should I be constrained to using only alphabets for my shortcut 
> keys??????
> If there is some other way to do this, please let me know.
> Rev, don't you find this strange for a Macintosh app to be missing???
> Rev, please stop chasing after wizbang eye-candy stuff and finish 
> real bread&butter GUI stuff--Now!
> I am really getting tired of waiting for 7 years for stuff long, long 
> over due and at break-neck update/upgrade prices.

I suppose based on this question that there is a way to use Option Key and 
Control-Key modifiers in menus. I haven't figured those out yet. The command Key 
is easy enough but the others would be nice as well.

I really appreciate all the contributors to this group. I would be much worse 
of a rev scripter without this extremely critical resource. I'm relatively 
new with rev. Many times I've picked up a tidbit from someone else's Q&A.

Joe, Orlando, Florida

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