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thanks for the help. I really did not know, that i could store binary data in custom properties. 

And thanks for the sample code.


Matthias Rebbe

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> Recently, runrev260805 at wrote:
> > is it possible to include a PDF within a stackfile on cd under windows?
> If you want to embed the PDF data in a stack you could store the PDF as
> binary in a custom property.  Something like:
>  set the uPDFdata of this stack to url ("binfile:" & pathToOrigPDF)
> > I want the user to enter a password, if the password is correct the pdf 
> > file
> > should either be saved to harddisk or openend. Is this possible?
> Once the user is granted access, you write out the PDF data to the drive.
> To get the PDF to display within Rev, you will need to use the revBrowser
> external (it is also possible to use a player object to display a PDF, but
> this method is not without its difficulties).  If the PDF doesn't need to
> display within your stack, you could simply launch it once it has been
> copied to the drive.
> If you want to minimize easy access to the PDF itself, you might be able to
> write the file to Rev's temp directory (untested).
>  put the tempName into pdfPath
>  set itemdel to "/"
>  put "private.pdf" into last item of pdfPath
>  put the uPDFdata of this stack into url ("binfile:" & pdfPath)
> HTH.
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