post about GLx2

william humphrey shoreagent at
Mon Dec 22 20:14:50 EST 2008

I'm trying to figure out how to stop filling a field and move on to the next
field without breaking a "paragraph" in the middle.
Say the field is ten lines long and you have fifty rows of data and you want
to split the data into the ten line long fields without breaking a paragraph
in the middle unless a paragraph is over ten lines long and you have to
(although that is rare).

I'm having trouble figuring out an easy way to walk through these lines of
data and put in the breaks as need be. One of the problems is you can't say
there are five pages in total (50 / 10 ) as sometimes a page will only have
say six rows because in order to have widow control you have to start the
next six or seven line long paragraph on the next page.

Any simple ideas on how I should look at this?

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