the grabbedObject?

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Mon Dec 22 12:55:06 EST 2008

Bonsoir Mark,

Sorry, I did not think of that :-(
So a mouseMove solution seems the way to go:
You could just test if color has been changed or not and just do it  
if needed.
Anyway, mouseMove is sent repeatedly in all cases.
You could also use a pending message of your own but I don't think it  
would help in this case.

Le 22 déc. 08 à 18:33, Mark Swindell a écrit :

> Eric, Richmond,
> Merci.  Custom properties are indeed one of the handiest features  
> of Rev.  (The grabbedObject ought to be a revProp, I think, but oh  
> well.)
> Unfortunately it appears that mouseEnter messages do not fire while  
> an object is being dragged?  Using the scenario you propose  
> (essentially what I wanted to do) I get no textColor change until I  
> drop the object, leave the field, and then mouse back in.  Does  
> "grab" stop certain messages from being passed? (Message watcher  
> would indicate that it does.)
> On the other hand, Richmonds solution works (mouseMove fires) but  
> this is being sent constantly while the letter is being grabbed/ 
> dragged around, whereas it would seem simpler to set the color upon  
> entrance to a new field and be done with it.
> Thanks,
> Mark

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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