conditionally formatting a field

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Thu Dec 18 01:09:34 EST 2008

--- mfstuart <mfstuart at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to apply formatting to a field - 'set the
> borderColor of fld 1 to
> black',
> depending if the field has focus or not. The
> conditions apply to field 1
> only.
> Here's the condition for the field when tabbing
> between 2 fields:
> If the field has focus, it's borderColor is black.
> If the field loses focus, the bordColor is white.
> Here's the condition for field 1 when mousing over
> and out of it, and when
> field 1 has focus:
> If the field has focus, don't change the
> borderColor. It stays black.
> If the field is not focused, then change the
> borderColor to white.
> So far I've tried scripts in the following handlers:
> mouseEnter, mouseLeave, openField, exitField, and
> closeField.
> And I'm not getting the result I want.
> Anyone got any tips on how to do this?
> To see it work, open Outlook and click on the Find
> toolbar button. 
> It opens the find fields at the top of the email
> list.
> Apply the behavior as above to see the results I'm
> looking for.
> This is on Windows, and I'm not sure how Mac Outlook
> behaves.
> Regards,
> Mark Stuart

Turn off the 'threeD' property and set the
'borderWidth' to 1 - Revolution follows the heuristic
that if you use the 'Appearance Manager' lookAndFeel
and your field has 'factory settings' then it should
look like the standard platform UI (ignoring a number
of settings); otherwise it uses its own rendering
scheme (which does respect all the settings.

Jan Schenkel.

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