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> On Dec 17, 2008, at 4:13 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> If all you need is a one-pixel font, I'm sure there are plenty around.
>> But perhaps we might ask why this is useful, and look one step  
>> further to the mechanics of the underlying text rendering in the  
>> field object to get exactly what we most want.  It may be that such  
>> additions would become trivial once RunRev adds independent column  
>> alignment to fields.
>> Slogging through big blocks of text line by line and/or word by  
>> word, measuring each and adding/subtracting a number of special one- 
>> pixel characters can be quite slow, and not the sort of thing I  
>> enjoy teaching to newcomers for simple text alignment.
>> So hopefully instead we can just get the appearance we want just as  
>> we want it at the moment it's rendered.  I doesn't hurt to ask. :)
> Well if a 1 pixel character is so common then it would be extremely  
> easy for
> the Rev Team to include it and I would not have to add a font for it.
> As for the usefulness it is unlimited.  Text can be positioned where  
> you want
> it not just aligned according to Left-Center-Right-Full.  The one  
> point space
> would allow kerning.  The choice of alignment is important but  
> kerning it too.
> Many people would never see a need for kerning but it needs to be  
> there for
> those who who do want it.

Done:  just set the imageSource of the character you want rendered as 
one pixel to an image with a width of one pixel.

Let us know what you come up with using it.

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