AW: Where do I find a list of resource types?

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Dec 17 07:39:05 CST 2008

Hi Tiemo and Jan

> Hi Jan,
> I have created two different modes in my updater
> 1. complete (works)
> 2. single file (stack, external,...) within a bundle
> For the second option I was looking for a copy/replace file of asingle
> resource file, not the entire resource fork. That’s why I was  
> looking at
> copyResource() and the resource type.
> For your approach I would need a binfile and a resfile, what I  
> wanted to
> avoid. Coming from Windows resource forks are suspicious :).  
> Actually I
> don't even know exactly what a resource fork is...
> Or is it not possible at all to replace an existing file in a bundle  
> without
> changing the resource fork?

I think you should first compare/check what you both mean by  
"resource"! :-)

For old Mac users, like Jan and me, this is a "relict" from old Mac OS  
< 9 days,
when icons, sounds etc. were stored INSIDE of the (application) file(s).

I think Tiemo wants to replace some parts of a (binary) file, right?
If yes then you can simply replace (with "ditto" :-) for example these  
files even when they are currently being used.

> Thanks for any claryfing
> Tiemo


Klaus Major
klaus at

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