Revolution moved to "Reference Assemblies"?

Wilhelm Sanke, FB01 sanke at
Wed Dec 10 11:39:37 EST 2008

Today I wanted to access my Rev 3.0 folder (which had worked last night),
clicked at the folder to open it and got an error message kind of "check the
path" etc. I tried the same with the 2.9 folder and got the same result. Then
suddenly all my Rev folders - from 2.7.4 to 3.5 - had disappeared. This is on
Windows XP.

I shut down my computer and started it again. All the revolution folders were
still gone!

After that I made a file search for "revolution.exe" and found out that all 13
revolution folders had been moved to folder "Reference Assemblies" - and
fortunately they are all intact.

Any ideas what could have caused this moving of folders? Bill Gates playing some
Xmas tricks on me? I was online when the folders were moved.


Wilhelm Sanke

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