[ANN} Zygodact - complete serial key registration system

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Tue Dec 9 17:41:11 EST 2008

Bonsoir Jacqueline,

Sounds great but I miss something:
How and why are you tied with Zygodact?

Le 9 déc. 08 à 23:05, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> Although there was a brief mention of Zygodact here on the list,  
> I've been informed that I should make a more formal announcement.  
> They made me do it. :) So without further ado, I present Zygodact.
> Zygodact provides an easy, automated way to add a complete  
> registration serial key system to your Revolution standalone  
> application or stack. With only a single line of code, Zygodact  
> will check to see whether your application has been registered with  
> a valid serial key. If not, it displays a dialog requesting a user  
> ID and registration key. If your user cannot provide a valid  
> registration, Zygodact gracefully shuts down your software,  
> disallowing access.
> Zygodact does all the work for you. It generates any number of  
> customer serial keys for your application, and handles every aspect  
> of requesting and tracking a valid software registration on your  
> user’s computer.
> It does this by creating a matched set of stacks: a registration  
> dialog and a serial key generator, and optionally, a CGI stack for  
> use on a server. Every set of stacks is unique, and the  
> registration dialog and key generator you produce will never match  
> any others. This gives you the security of knowing that other  
> developers who use Zygodact can never generate the same serial keys  
> and registration data as yours.
> Each serial key is based on your user's name, or a user ID, or any  
> other data you choose. Once registered, your software is tied to  
> the user's computer, which means no one can copy your application  
> to another machine without invalidating the registration. For  
> developers who may be concerned about users sharing their  
> registration keys, Zygodact also returns registration information  
> to your scripts, for use with an online validation or tracking  
> database.
> With Zygodact you get:
> - One-click generation of a unique registration substack and serial  
> key generator
> - Optional CGI stack and sample Revolution script for server use
> - Complete registration management with only a single line of script
> - Fully customizable registration dialog, so you can add your own  
> logo and look and feel
> - The option to use your own software's preferences stack, or just  
> let Zygodact create one for you without any scripting
> - Complete documentation with sample scripts, conveniently  
> accessible from the Help menu
> - Serial key generation either individually or in bulk to produce  
> any number of keys with one click
> A Zygodact installation can be set up in minutes with three simple  
> steps:
> 1. Generate a unique set of stacks with one click.
> 2. Make the registration stack a substack of your main stack.
> 3. Add one line of script to your main stack.
> That's it. Everything else is taken care of for you.
> The Zygodact application is available for both Mac OS X and  
> Windows. The stacks it generates for use in your project can be  
> used with any platform Revolution supports, including Linux.
> Zygodact can be purchased at the Runtime Revolution store <https:// 
> secure.runrev.com/products/related-software/zygodact/>, and is also  
> featured as part of the Megabundle deal currently available until  
> January 16.
> Zygodactl: A toe arrangement in perching birds where digits 1 and 4  
> are reversed.
> -- 
> Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at hyperactivesw.com
> HyperActive Software           |     http://www.hyperactivesw.com

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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