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Fri Dec 5 12:10:17 EST 2008

Colin! Mark!

I feel better already. Is Catherine Kunicki here?

Mark, you are correct, it is intermittant. Now msg works fine. And I see it tells you the current stack.


How do you live without Rinaldi? I know that it is possible to work around anything, one always could. But I am going to miss "fullFind".


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Date:   December 5, 2008 11:58:33 AM EST
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Hi Craig,

Welcome to the list. I'm sure you'll see a lot of familiar faces here 
and will quickly feel at home.

The problem with the message box is well-known to me. It is a bug, 
which sometimes occurs and sometimes stays away. I hope it will get 
fixed soon.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 5 dec 2008, at 17:43, dunbarx wrote:

> All;
> Kind of. I am an experienced HC author, trying this rev thing out.
> Spent an hour learning that the message box is married to the stack 
> it was opened with.
> If I create a stack and fool around with the msg box, then go to 
> another stack, all my efforts to do simple tasks fail. Why? Because 
> the names of objects were invalid, since msg was still linked to the 
> earlier stack. I only got a clue to this when I used object numbers 
> instead of names, and of course there it does not matter, and my 
> simple commands worked. I closed msg and reopened it with the second 
> stack in front. No problem.
> My question is, why on earth? And more important, where does it say 
> this anywhere in the docs. At least msg should say so.
> I see the benefits of Rev. I miss the natural, almost perfect 
> transparency of you know what. And I know that thread is old.
> Hello, Jacqueline.
> Craig Newman

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