difference between function and command and sending parameters

william humphrey shoreagent at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 16:19:46 CST 2008

I noticed that you can't return a mix of an array and a variable. This
doesn't work (it only works if the params are both simple variables or if
you only have one parm - the array) :

*on* mouseUp

   *put* the first item of MyTest() into myArray

   *put* the keys of myArray

*end* mouseUp

*function* MyTest

   *put* "app" into pfirst[1]

   *put* "win" into pfirst[2]

   *put* "lin" into pfirst[3]

   *put* 2 into psecond

   *return* pfirst, psecond

*end* MyTest

I needed to do something like the above as the second parameter held a
different data item so now I'm trying to figure out another way to do it.

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