Default audio device does NOT record audio when it is a firewire device

Frans Schoffelen frans at
Tue Apr 22 07:41:02 EDT 2008

System MAC OS 10.5.2  / Powermac G5 Quad, Mac Pro Intel Quad / Rev 2.9  
last build

We are developing a small audio utility for the music Industry with a  
simple recording functionality. A great deal of our customers use  
firewire audio interfaces.

Expected behaviour : When we select "dflt" as our input then the  
documentation states the input chosen in the system preferences will  
be used. It is not.
Recording does work in the standard Quicktime player so there are no  
obvious technical problems. REV creates a file according to the  
settings but no audio is present in that file.

We have read the entries on "enhancement" for recording video and  
audio in the bug database but do NOT consider this bug an enhancement  
request since "dflt" SHOULD under all circumstances record from the  
input set in the system preferences as stated in the documentation.   
We have tested this with M-Audio Project Mix , Apogee and ECHO  
USB recording from a simple webcam does work so devices other than the  
original internal and external inputs are being recognized, just not  
the firewire ones.
None of the searches in our forum database has yielded a recent answer.

We can not proceed with the product as is under Revolution.

Hopefully there is a solution or work-around for this or we are  
missing something.
Maybe somebody on the list knows. Any help appreciated.

Frans Schoffelen
Tim Oldfield
Sarah Terberg


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